The Right Seat: 2012 A Year in Review

Even though we are a month into 2013 already, I would like to take the time to take a small look at my 2012 racing season.  I know that a personal look at my season may seem a bit selfish, but hey, I’m in charge of this blog so deal with it.  It was a great year for me with a lot of high-points and a few low-points.  That’s racing.  This list will detail each race, location, organization, race team, mileage raced, and position finished.  So here it is, 2012 in review. Continue reading


The Right Seat: My Own Worst Enemy

Off-road racing is just as much a physical sport as it is a mental sport.  Several things can mess with a racer’s mind when go-time gets close.  Butterflies, nerves (anxiousness, nervousness, excitement, and worry all rolled into one) and crazed thoughts start to run through your mind.  “Did I check tire pressures?”, “Did I tighten everything down correctly?”, “I wonder what their strategy is?”, and every “What if?” scenario runs through your head at a million miles per hour.  Continue reading

The Right Seat: Plan of Attack

            No two races are ever alike, hell even two laps in the same race are different adventures.  When coming into a race it is a good idea to have a game plan or plan of attack.  By game plan, I mean the strategy that your team will use.  There are multiple facets of strategy that can factor into a successful race.  Teammate duties, racing style, pit plans, and competitors all play a part in a race. Continue reading

My Brain Bucket

A racer’s helmet can be a reflection of creativity and individualism. It also shows some of the tremendous artistic talent that is in the racing world. Here are a few of my favorites from the racing community.


My helmet painted by El Tito of Ghetto Designs. That is a full house (eights full of aces, the dead mans hand.)


Two great looking helmets for the Canidae race team from Robert Alatorre at RADesigns.


Tristan Koepfli at Troy Lee Designs.

The Right Seat: Managing Adrenaline

Co-driver, co-pilot, co-rider, navigator, guide, coach, behind the screen, shotgun, or riding bitch.  They all mean the same thing-in the right seat, not the left.  Off-road navigators are some of the craziest people on Earth.  It’s not only the tremendous physical abuse they endure, but they are also crazy enough to hop in the right seat of a high performance race vehicle that they have ZERO control over.  This shows a deep trust between the driver and navigator.  Being a good navigator requires a certain brand of crazy. You are entrusting your life to another person. The best way to describe it is “managing adrenaline.” Continue reading